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Congratulations Dr. Meera, Assistant Professor (on contract), Department of Chemistry for the award of Chief Minister's Post Doctoral Fellowship.

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Third Semester B.A/B.Sc./B.Com/BBA Internal Examinations (2022 Admissions) from 1st February 2024 to 8th February 2024

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മുഖ്യമന്ത്രിയുടെ 2021-22ലെ വിദ്യാർത്ഥി പ്രതിഭാ പുരസ്കാരം ഒരു ലക്ഷം രൂപയ്ക്കും പ്രശസ്തിപത്രത്തിനും അർഹയായ അഭിസൂര്യ പി പങ്കജിന് അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങൾ


Clubs/Association and Facilities in the College

  • IQAC:

    As a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was constituted on 5th September 2004 with the Principal as the Chairman. The IQAC develops strategies to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution through institutionalizing and internalizing all the quality enhancing and sustaining initiatives. IQAC is an integral part of the institution and works towards the realization of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The key task of the IQAC is to develop a sustainable system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of the institution. In order to achieve these objectives, the college constituted an IQAC as per the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) guideline.

  • Student Welfare and Support Cell

    This cell is constituted for the welfare and support of the students for the teaching learning process. In order to support advanced learners there is a special programme named Scholar Empowerment Programme. Remedial Teaching programme will function to support the teaching learning process for slow learners. Also, various activities of the students will be monitored and supported with the help of this committee.

  • Digital Library

    The College has a fully automated library with right ambience for reading, reference and research with its stately building, comfortable reading rooms and verdant surroundings. The facilities provided include digital log search, online journal access through INFLIBNET, reprographic sections etc. The ground floor is a spacious central reading hall, with a capacity of 80 seats. Around 25,000 books indexed as per Dewey Decimal classification, 46 journals and periodicals, as well as eight newspapers (five Malayalam and three English) are available in the library. Bound volumes of journals and periodicals are also on tap.

  • Santuario - Prayer Room

    The College gives prime importance to the spiritual wellbeing of the students and staff. To give ample opportunity for meditation and prayer, a special prayer room has been arranged with the right ambience for all those in need of spiritual nourishment and silent prayer. The ‘Sanctuario’ is open for all to walk in and pray at the feet of our Lord.

  • Msgr. Reynolds Informatics Centre

    Catering to the needs of the students desirous of learning computer we have a well-furnished computer lab with more than 30 desktop computers, LCD monitors and all other network devices.

  • Language Lab

    As fluency in English and excellent communicative skills have become the need of the hour, the College has set up a Language Lab to enable the acquisition of communicative skills using the latest technology and software available. This facility incorporates latest computers with a central console to help the teacher monitor the language learning, enhancing the four skills (LSWR) through interactive sessions.

  • Zoology Museum

    The Department of Zoology has set up a precious museum showcasing numerous preserved specimens and physical models of organisms varied enough to arouse curiosity and trigger learning.

  • Auditorium

    Giving due importance to the development of innate talents and artistic abilities, the College has set up an Auditorium spacious enough to accommodate the entire college and to provide the facilities needed to host the entertainment programmes, assemblies and conferences that are held for the students.

  • Fenicio Digital Seminar Hall

    : An air-conditioned Digital Seminar Hall with the facilities of video recording and broadcasting is setup in the college with a partial financial support by DST-FIST. This modern seminar hall is equipped with and Ultra Short Throw Interactive LCD, Interactive Board, LED Display panel, Video Conferencing System, HD Recorder, Full HD Video Camera, Speaker System, Digital Steel Podium and a Laptop. The centre is aimed at conducting lectures and workshops on various subjects. There is provision for recording the lectures and live transmission. Online lecturing facility is also made in the centre. The centre has a seating capacity of 100.

  • Conference Room

    A conference hall has been prepared with state-of-the-art facilities for conducting conferences and meetings. It has also facilities for video conferencing. It can also serve the purpose of being a guest room for VIPs and persons of eminence who visit the college for talks and lectures.

  • College Hostel

    St. Michael’s college hostel is under the supervision of Canossian sisters and it aims at the integral formation of young women. It is situated near the college campus and offers residential facilities to a limited number of students. Life in the hostel is an experience in community living which can be of great help in the development of one’s personality. The warden assisted by a sister is responsible for the day-to-day running of the hostel.

  • Wellness Centre

    To cater to the psychological needs of the students, especially those mentally troubled by the stress and strain of studies and family relationships, expert counselling services are made available at the counselling centre of the College.

  • Research Centre

    Quality education can be provided with an efficient blending of excellent research and teaching learning process. The research activities of the college are highly active with the sole aim of upgrading the college to a centre of excellence in Research and Development in near future. Our institution is financially supported by University Grants Commission (UGC) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) in the form of Major and Minor Research Projects. Five of our faculty are Research Guides, of which three are from the Department of Chemistry, one from the Department of Economics and one from the Department of Commerce. The college is aiming at constructing a well-equipped research building in near future. The thrust area of research of Department of Chemistry includes Organic Electronics, Alternate Renewable Energy, Photochemistry, Nanomaterials and Electrochemical Sensors. In 2022 the Department of Chemistry has been recognized as an approved research centre of the University of Kerala. It is noteworthy that Department of Chemistry is the first Research Department in the history of St. Michael’s College.

  • Indoor Sports Complex

    The College provides state-of-the-art facilities to students who have a flair for sports and games. The vast play grounds and the 400 m track make the College a much sought-after venue for physical training and sports events. The indoor sports complex is equipped with a well-organized multi-gymnasium, badminton court, basketball court, volley-ball courts etc

  • Health Club and Gymnasium

    The 12 station multi-gym is open both to the students and the public for daily exercise and body building. The use of multi-gym is monitored by Department of Physical Education and the Health Club. Yoga practices are also offered on the campus by experts

  • Career Guidance and Placement Cell

    Students are not generally aware of the career options in the field of higher education. It has become imperative to impart the information regarding the multivariety of different career openings. With this in view, we have a ‘Career Guidance and placement cell basically to guide and help the students to choose a career suiting to their capabilities. The centre has the facilities to assess students ‘aptitude, intelligence, and interests. It also makes arrangement for the placement of students in various firms.

  • Sports Authority of India (SAI) Extension Centre

    As a token of appreciation for the outstanding achievements in the International and National level by the students of St. Michael’s College, the SAI has approved an extension centre with specialisation in the discipline of athletics in St. Michael’s College, Mayithara. The centre offers International level athletic training to the students of the college and from other institutions too

  • Research and Development Cell

    The Research and Development Cell previously known as Research Promotion Council functions in the college with the noble intention of promoting academic research. It also motivates students and teachers for active research. In order to strengthen the research activities in terms of major and minor research projects the council provides information about the various funding options to the faculty members. Also, the cell organises programmes which inculcates the spirit of research among the teachers and students and provides support to those engaged in various research activities.

  • Grievance Redressal Cell

    The institution has a grievance redressal cell established for creating a congenial atmosphere. The Grievance Redressal Cell takes into consideration all the complaints and finds solutions without delay to ensure a family atmosphere on the campus.

  • Staff Co-operative Bank

    To ensure easy banking facilities, a staff co-operative bank duly registered with the District Co-operative Bank is open during the College working hours. Loans, deposits and other banking facilities are also offered to the staff in a hassle-free manner.

  • Co-operative Store

    The Co-operative store of the college replete with all the necessities like stationery, books, guides etc. to make life easy and tension free for students on the campus. Purchases can be made from the store at discount rates.

  • College Cafeteria

    The College Cafeteria located in an easily accessible spot on the campus caters to the students’ needs with delicious food at affordable prices. The neat and cool surroundings make the canteen highly attractive and save time and energy by providing unadulterated food and drinks in the proximity of their classrooms.

  • National Service Scheme (NSS)

    National Service Scheme is a national organisation with the motto “Not Me, but You,” inviting youth for society and nation building activities. It provides the platform for students to mould themselves, for understanding social needs and sharing values. In our college at present there are two N.S.S units of 100 students in each unit. Our units have won many districts level and state level laurels. Our N.S.S. has received the best unit, best programme officer and the best Principal awards. The N.S.S has an advisory board comprising teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students, former students, members of local bodies and Government officials.

  • National Cadet Corps (NCC)

    India, an ancient and forward-looking country, needs disciplined men and women with brains and brawn capable of putting in hard work. N.C.C., a premier youth organization ever since its inception in the year 1948, is rendering yeomen service to the nation. It is a national organization, which has helped in inculcating in the cadets a spirit of courage, self-reliance, selfless service, a feeling of patriotism etc. which are essential to make the youth disciplined and dutiful.Our college has independent N.C.C. Unit under 11(K)Bn NCC Alappuzha of Kollam group, that impart training to the cadets to make them eligible for certificate examinations. The cadets are also sent to different camps, namely National integration, Youth Trekking, Para Jumping, Pre-Republic Day, and Youth Exchange Programmes. Interested cadets are given the opportunity to join the College Band Troupe.

  • Women Cell

    Women Cell is a movement for girl students striving for a better future and status. Women Cell in the college is very active and conducts various activities such as legal awareness programmes, health classes, debates, seminars etc. The cell also conducts socio-economic surveys each year to identify the deserving and financially weak girl students.

  • Lapwing Nature Club

    The nature club in the college organises various activities for inculcating qualities in students to maintain an eco-friendly livelihood. The club maintains a garden with hundreds of rare medicinal plants, a carp culturing unit, an agriculture unit and a bird - watching unit. The club also conducts awareness programmes for the public on current environmental problems.


    All India Catholic University Federation is a movement of university students to enable themto develop a critical awareness and analysis of the Indian and World situations, to cultivate deep and genuine concern for the oppressed and marginalised and effectively commit themselves to the task of building a new and just society. AICUF stands for the service and liberation of all human persons as Jesus did irrespective of caste, sex, language, or belief. This helps students to evolve a spirituality that has humanisation at its core, through involvement and reflections. This also aims to motivate students to be involved in studies, research and activities linked to broader social issues and struggles with a view, to becoming a creative and critical force within the University.

  • Jesus Youth

    Jesus Youth is an international catholic movement which supports students to understand more about Jesus Christ. Prayer meetings and get-togethers are conducted every week and all the students can take part. Other programmes conducted for building moral and ethical values in our students are also part of the movement.

  • Science Club

    The main objective of this club is to create awareness among students about the latest developments in the world of science. The member students of the club collect articles from science publications and make them available for debate in open forums. They also make working model of radios, alarms, stabilizers etc. The club arranges talks on science subjects and special attention is given to hands on training for the students of all science departments.

  • Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Club

    ED club is formed with the intention of nurturing and developing the entrepreneurial potential and skills among the students. The Department of Industries, Government of Kerala supports the activities of this Club.

  • Book Club

    The book club functions with a view to instil in the students a genuine love for the world of letters. Book reviews, discussions involving literacy matters, debates etc are organized by the club for its members. Book club membership is issued to the first-year degree students, from the library.

  • Value Education Programme

    The individual’s commitment to values is basic for the health and welfare of a free community. The young generation will be engulfed by a growing sense of emptiness unless it is matched by a value orientation of the human intellect and will. Hence to impart values and to enable the students to take the right choices in life, the college conducts value education programme for all the classes. The classes are taken by the value education team comprising some teachers of the College and a few resource persons from outside.

  • SMRUTHI (St Michaels Ringed and United in Truth Honesty and Integrity)

    St. Michael’s Alumni Association functions in the college. The alumni day is celebrated every year on the Second Saturday of October. Alumni co-operates wholeheartedly in all the developmental activities of the college. The different departments are also having alumni association of their own working in co-ordination with SMRUTHI.

  • Eucharistic Celebrations

    The Holy Mass is celebrated in the college auditorium at 12.30 p.m. on all First Fridays. Simultaneously a value education class is also being conducted with a prescribed syllabus in the Seminar Hall by the value education forum.

  • Rotaract Club

    Rotaract is an international programme for adults aged 18 to 30 who want to make a difference. Its members known as rotaractors grow personally and professionally, address community needs and promote international understanding through friendship and service.

  • Anti - Ragging Cell

    To take preventive measures against the menace of ragging, an anti-ragging committee has been constituted according to the directions of the honourable courts and the Government of Kerala.

  • Youth Red Cross (YRC)

    A unit of the International Youth Red Cross functions actively in the college. The YRC organise various social welfare programmes with the dynamic participation of the students.

  • Bird Club

    Department of Zoology in association with International bird club started a green initiative that aims to create rain groves in the campus, connecting students through bird watching and thereby reviving the nature and ecosystem.

  • IT Club

    The club focuses on extracting the hidden talent of the students in the field of information technology. By collaborating with leading software industries, it enhances the technical skill set of the students. The computer science club is a student-run organization which focuses on discussions, presentations, collaborations and addressing the issues within the computer science field.

  • Anti-Narcotic Cell

    An Anti-Narcotics cell has been constituted in the college to ensure drug free campus by curbing drug trafficking and use of illegal substances on the campus. A Committee comprising of teachers and students has been formed to execute the functions of the cell and to impart awareness against drug abuse.

  • Cyber Security Cell

    The Cyber Security Cell is a student-led campus organization that promotes cyber security on campus. The Cell aims to spread awareness on the potential ways and disguises of cyber threats and acquaint the students with the possible measures to protect themselves. The Cell conducts various events including Cyber security workshops and seminars by inviting experts from this field.

  • Solar Power Facility

    As an initiative towards sustainable development, a 20 KW solar energy system was installed in the College. This facility meets the energy requirement for the main building of the College, which includes the Department of Chemistry, Commerce, Economics, Physics and Zoology. Our library is also functioning with the support of this solar energy. Solar street lights were installed in the campus as part of promotion of renewable energy sources. The institution is also equipped with a generator, which can support the entire building in the college, in case of power failure.

  • Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis Plant

    As the water quality of the region is a matter of concern, it was decided to set up a regular drinking water RO system in the college. Nurturing the needs of the students, teachers, and other stakeholders of the college an Aqua guard Reverse Osmosis water plant of 500 LPH is installed in the campus with the financial assistance of college PTA.

  • Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility

    Our College has received the prestigious DST-FIST grant in 2015 and with this the research facilities improved tremendously. A Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre and Networking and Computational Facility are set up in the college with this fund. The major equipment in the instrumentation centre includesVisible Spectrophotometer (UV 2600 Shimadzu) (with ISR-2600 plus integrating sphere, specular reflectance etc), FTIR (Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two) Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer LS 55) Electrochemical Work Station (Autolab) Spin Coating Unit and Rotavapours. Besides these, we have well equipped B.Sc. and M.Sc. Laboratory with instruments like Digital Potentiometer, Digital Conductivity meter, Digital Polarimeter, Abbe Refractometer, pH meter, Sonicator, Rotary Shaker, Distillation Unit, Electronic Balances, Vacuum Desiccator, Photoelectric Colorimeter, UV Chamber for TLC, Water Analyser, Visible Spectrophotometer etc. A DST-FIST supported computational facility comprising of 13 computers with network connection is also established in the college.

  • Alappuzha District Rifle Club

    St. Michael’s College houses the Alappuzha District Rifle Association which is affiliated to the Kerala State Rifle Association. The association has its own national level shooting range which comprises an air-conditioned 10 metre air rifle and air pistol, 50 metre fire arms and 25 metre pistol ranges. The association has also decided to host a shooting academy which shall be highly beneficial for those interested in this sport.

  • Mike Kidzone (Day Care & Pre-School)

    To care and nurture the kids of teaching, nonteaching staff of the college and also of the neighbourhood, a new venture ‘Mike Kidzone’ Preschool has been introduced on the college campus. From small moments to big milestone, its curriculum is customized to nurture each child every day. The activities and lessons in classrooms are meant to help the kids to explore, share and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Michael’s IELTS Academy

    Michael’s IELTS Academy, an educational and career enhancing enterprise of the Diocese of Alleppey, established as a sister concern of St. Michael’s College has been spearheading IELTS training in Alappuzha with the most outstanding strategies.

  • IGNOU Study Centre

    Indira Gandhi National Open University which is the largest university in the world with millions of students and run by Central Govt. of India, recognized St. Michael’s College, Cherthala, as its regular study centre of Alappuzha District. The centre offers PG, UG and Diploma courses under various IGNOU schemes.

  • Michael’s Institute of Management and Technology (MIMAT)

    Michael’s Institute of Management and Technology is a Self-Financing Arts and Science College affiliated to the University of Kerala, owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Alleppey. MIMAT was started as a Learner Support Centre and the institution obtained the affiliation of the University of Kerala as a self-financing college in June 2015. It has two undergraduate courses – B.Com with Finance as Elective and BCA. Diploma in GST Practices and Communicative English were started as Add-on courses in the later years.

  • Chemforum

    The Department of Chemistry has constituted the “chemforum” to support various activities of the students.This forum supports various extracurricular and academic activities of the students of the Department. The association organises several programs such as invited talks by eminent scientists, cultural programmes of students, hands-on training in chemistry laboratory experiments, amazing experiments and provides training on sophisticated analytical instruments to the neighbouring school students every year.

  • Commune (Commerce & Management Union for Excellence)

    The Association of the Department of Commerce and Management, “COMMUNE” is an acronym of “Commerce and Management Union for Excellence”. It envisages the internal development of the students beyond the formal academic learning and curriculum. COMMUNE perceives that each student is different from the other and their whims and fancies are unique. Therefore, the programmes of the association are customized, and are chalked out from time to time at par with its objectives and requirements.

  • ZEST

    In addition to academic activities, the Zoology Department also gives utmost importance to co-curricular activities to provide overall development of the students. Organising seminars, workshops, field trips and visit to the scientific laboratories are some of the important activities of the association.


    St. Michael’s Economics Association for Development (SMEAD) is the association of Department of Economics. The various activities of the department are carried out by SMEAD. The SMEAD consist of HoD as its President, a faculty as Staff Advisor, Secretary and Joint Secretary from students as its office bearers.

  • The Literati

    Michaelean English Association, also known as The Literati (meaning-group of people who are interested in literature) was first inaugurated on 29/11/2017 by the former Member of Parliament and author Dr. Charles Dias. Since then, the Association has been the formidable force behind the conduct of various curricular, extra-curricular and skill-based programmes in the department and on the campus. Every year, in November, the association is reconstituted with the addition of freshers of the department to it. Various interdepartmental competitions, skill and personality development classes, career orientation sessions, seminars and symposiums are conducted on a regular basis under the aegis of the Association.

  • Physics Association

    The Physics Association of St. Michael’s college has been an active platform for the past few years to encourage, motivate and equip the students in science especially in Physics. It supports to develop and practice thinking, speaking and listening skills through different science-related activities. The association has introduced “Meet-the text book” program solely to inculcate scientific temper among the students through scientific reading. It conducts science exhibition to promote and expose students’ ideas and creativity. It also conducts activities such as seminars and discussion, quiz competitions and project presentations to broaden young mind’s enthusiasm for science.

  • Malayalavedi

    An organization named ‘Malayalavedi’ functions under the aegis of the Malayalam Department of the college. This organization was started in the academic year 2016-17 and focuses on the art and literacy development of the student community. Literacy debates on current issues, recitations, book reading etc are the programmes conducted under the Malayalavedi.

  • Hindi Chathramandali (Hindi Association)

    The association aims at inculcate in the students, a tastefor art and literature and also develop a profound love for the Hindi language. Its activities are designed in such a way that it enhances the interest of the members and make them more involved in the functioning of association. Debates and discussions, seminars and invited talks, literary competitions, are some of the regular programmes conducted by the association.

The Ceaseless Ascent

The cherished dream of an enlightened society ideally depends on quality education. Driven and inspired by this proven fact, the community of the Diocese of Alleppey made its resolute entry into the field of higher education.

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