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The Department of Mathematics was officially established in 1967 when the Pre-Degree course started. The department boasts of a lot of skilled and experienced permanent faculty members from the beginning. Initially there was only mathematics class for Pre-Degree courses. The B.Sc. Physics program, B.Sc. Chemistry program and B.A. Economics program started in 1998,1980 and 1977-78 respectively. Presently, the Department of Mathematics covers the complementary mathematics papers of these three UG Courses. The Department’s field of teaching mainly comprises the complementary mathematics course curriculum for these UG courses in accordance with UGC guidelines. Additionally, the department offers bridge courses, which help the students to build expertise in their knowledge of basic mathematics. The department organizes class-wise seminars and workshops for UG students on a variety of mathematics topics on a regular basis.

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The Department of Botany was established in the year 1967, the same year in which the college came into being. Initially, the department was intended to teach Botany for pre-degree students and the status of the department was upgraded in 1976, with the initiation of the B. Sc. Zoology course. Eventually it transformed to a subsidiary department with the delinking of the pre-degree courses in 2000. Prof. Paul C.J and Prof. Thresiamma Eapen were the pioneer faculty members of the department followed by Prof. Anna Jose and Prof. Sophia George. Presently the department functions as a single- faculty subsidiary department which deals with the complementary Botany course for B.Sc. Zoology and also as an allied department to the Department of Zoology. In spite of its limitations, the department extends its services to other departments, clubs and organization for conducting various environmental and academic activities. The department provides its expertise to different schools, colleges and other agencies for projects and seminars. The department also carries the sole responsibility of leading the conservation activities of the college.

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Statistics as a subject has come to acquire a great deal of importance during the past few decades. It is being increasingly used in different disciplines like Economics, Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Commerce and Management. It provides a scientific approach to decision making. The department has been very active in teaching, research and consultancy services. Department of Statistics offers courses for BA Economics.

The mission of the department is to teach the complex methodology of Statistics through simple real-life situations, thereby imbibing a practice of Statistical thinking and to organize interactions and external lectures with eminent Statisticians in order to open opportunities for going deep into the subject. The goal is to imbibe a culture of applying Statistical techniques in other fields of knowledge so as to strengthen interdisciplinary studies and to conduct Statistical studies, wherever applicable, in order to find solutions to social problems.

Research Project

Completed a Minor research project entitled “Role of Institutions in Entrepreneurship development among farm women in coastal Kerala”

Consultancy Project

The department had successfully completed a consultancy project “Statistical survey on concurrent estimation of coconut production in Alappuzha district “ of The Coconut Development Board, Government of India for four consecutive years 2013-14 ,2014- 15,2015-16 and 2016-17

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The Ceaseless Ascent

The cherished dream of an enlightened society ideally depends on quality education. Driven and inspired by this proven fact, the community of the Diocese of Alleppey made its resolute entry into the field of higher education.

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