2024-01-25 :

Congratulations Dr. Meera, Assistant Professor (on contract), Department of Chemistry for the award of Chief Minister's Post Doctoral Fellowship.

  || 2024-01-25 :

Third Semester B.A/B.Sc./B.Com/BBA Internal Examinations (2022 Admissions) from 1st February 2024 to 8th February 2024

  || 2024-01-23 :

മുഖ്യമന്ത്രിയുടെ 2021-22ലെ വിദ്യാർത്ഥി പ്രതിഭാ പുരസ്കാരം ഒരു ലക്ഷം രൂപയ്ക്കും പ്രശസ്തിപത്രത്തിനും അർഹയായ അഭിസൂര്യ പി പങ്കജിന് അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങൾ


Research Fellowships

Some of the research fellowship useful for the students.

Summer Research Fellowships

  • IIT Delhi Summer Research Fellowship Program
  • IIT Madras Summer Fellowship Program
  • Indian Academy of Sciences Summer Research Fellowship Program
  • NIT Calicut Summer Internship Program
  • CeNSE IISc Summer Internship Program
  • IISc Bangalore Summer Fellowship Program for SC/ST students
  • IISER Pune Summer Student Program
  • IIST Summer Internship Program
  • JNCSR Summer Research Fellowship

Other Fellowships

  • Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC/ST post graduate students
  • D.S Kothari Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • Post Graduate Merit Scholarships
  • Maulana Azad National Fellowship for minority students
  • Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Fellowship
  • Chief Minister’s Nava Kerala Post-Doctoral Fellowship scheme
  • Prime Ministers Research Fellowship
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Scholarship

The Ceaseless Ascent

The cherished dream of an enlightened society ideally depends on quality education. Driven and inspired by this proven fact, the community of the Diocese of Alleppey made its resolute entry into the field of higher education.

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