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Institutional Distinctiveness

As envisaged in the vision statement, the college has shouldered the social responsibility of educating the most ordinary people of the coastal belt of Alappuzha – Kochi in an extraordinary way. The aim was setting up a platform for youngsters to achieve personal refinement and betterment. With grit and determination, the college has pursued perfection in discipline, inclusiveness, social commitment, gender equality, co-operation of stakeholders and unflinching commitment to values of social service. Taking into account the local demographic traits and educational challenges, the college has adopted distinct strategic moves to help the students tackle situations and mark their particular identity.

In the fast changing modern world scenario, the benefits of education failed to trickle down to the local public of this area and resultantly they lost a sense of direction. When this college was established with their help and efforts, they found a ray of hope to bait them out of their financial, educational and finally societal hardships. Hence the college was successful in attracting the youngsters after their schooling and equip themselves with a degree instead of whiling away their precious time. Students have been encouraged to tread a different path and study with financial support from numerous governmental, non governmental and other sources. The distinctive part of this financial support is the fact that 81.6% of our students are in receipt of scholarships.

While tackling challenges posed by the 21st century, the diocese took certain drastic measures that duly metamorphosed into a fresh development plan to be effected within the nation. The Board of Education Alleppey Diocese (BEAD) established by the diocese in 2019 now on roll as an advisory body of the college, is actively engaged in conceptualizing and implementing progressive changes in education. Over the last few years, St. Michael’s College has been steadfastly focusing on core values such as Selfless Service, Accountability, Collaborative Action, Option for the poor, Openness and Transparency. As a higher education institution, St. Michael’s College bears the responsibility of propelling the progress of its sister concerns, particularly those that lag behind, ensuring inclusive development.

Recognizing local demand and the need for a balanced mix of conventional and skill development courses and strictly adhering to the National Skill Qualification Framework, the college introduced B.Voc courses in Software Development and Tourism and Hospitality Management. Despite lack of government support for the aided mode, college retained B.Voc courses in self-financing mode, becoming the only aided institution offering the said package.

We are the first and now the only college offering Community College scheme of UGC in the university. Two skill based diploma courses offered include ‘Garment designing and Apparel making’ and ‘Beautician and Health care’ opening ways of attaining self employment by rural women.  

Catering to growing industry needs and employability of the students we have at offer since 2020, a career related professional degree programme, BBA Logistics. All the programmes introduced in the last 10 years are skill based incorporating internships, outcome based and running through an industry-academia linkage.

Our postgraduate departments of Chemistry and Commerce have been elevated to the status of research departments. The Department of Chemistry directs its research efforts towards Materials Science, Organic Electronics, Alternate Renewable Energy, Photochemistry, Nanomaterials and Electrochemical Sensors. Exploring renewable energy in the research domain opens up diverse options and opportunities for students. The focal area of Research Centre in Commerce is cooperative management and marketing which is of recent relevance. Our Research and Development cell oversees the entire research activities, emphasizing the integral connection between research and the teaching-learning process for delivering quality education.

In the field of sports and games, we have an excellent track record and considering this we have been recognized as Khelo India Centre by the Sports Authority of India facilitating the training of young talents with the support of past champions. In general the academic scenario with rank holders and “Kalathilakom/ Kalaprathiba”achievers in three years throws light on our effort towards all round development of students.

Situated in a district with higher female population, we prioritize gender equality. Women outnumber men in most departments, appealing to parents seeking an institution focused on the welfare of female students. Adhering to UGC and government guidelines, Women’s Cell empowers female students through talks, self-defence training, awareness programs, craft training, legal guidance and counselling. Female teachers offer personalized attention to those facing relationship challenges or emotional distress.

The NSS, NCC, Women’s Cell, ED club and other organizations receive accolades and awards at both state and university levels for their exceptional contributions to community service. Notable extension programs include Mass Cleaning Drives as part of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, Suchitwa Mission,Swatch Bharat Pakwada and ‘Ek Bharat SreshthaBaharat’ programs. Through NCC, students are motivated to attend the NIC, RD parade and many have been inducted to defence forces. Participation in such extension activities enhances their ability to become erudite citizens with civic sense as envisioned in our quality policy.

Truly imbibing the responsibility criteria, we do undertake the task of nurturing future generation of scholars and society. Our programme of providing training to school teachers underlines the same with regard to forming the formators. Starting from the school children, various sections of population are welcomed to partake in actions like hands on training, usage of sports and physical infrastructure etc. The modern laboratory facilities are open to learners in related fields for experimenting and traversing to higher levels. The learning platform is further widened through renewed efforts from our remote acess library working with extended working hours.

We proudly present ourselves as the first HEI of the district to understand the importance of carbon neutrality and organise the social outreach programme “Thirayilakkom” aimed at educating the public. Our theme of “college to society and society to college” underscores our commitment to mould responsible future generations and widens the scope of our collaborative effort with society in building up a sustainable future. Such far reaching endeavours functional in our campus envisage a change in attitude and all round cultural development of society.

The Ceaseless Ascent

The cherished dream of an enlightened society ideally depends on quality education. Driven and inspired by this proven fact, the community of the Diocese of Alleppey made its resolute entry into the field of higher education.

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