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Best Practices

Title: Igniting Minds:An Initiative towards Science @ Schools


·       Ignite scientific curiosity and sense of innovation among students.

·       Eliminate fallacious assumptions and develop critical thinking.

·       Enhance student academic standards and refine expertise of teachers in nearby schools.

·       Connect with the community to address educational challenges with discernment.


St. Michael’s College is the pivotal agency working towards developing knowledgeable citizens in this area. The commitment to quality education is evident through department-initiated programs aimed at enhancing science education in local schools. As a Higher Education Institution, the college serves as the epicentre of activities like workshops, exhibitions and hands-on training in collaboration with schools. All this aimed at enriching the teaching learning process received positive response and hence have become a regular practise.


·      Programs are designed to foster scientific temperament.

·      Beneficiaries include school students and teachers.

·      Collaboration with the Government of Kerala through  Shastra Jalakam project aims to instill scientific temperament in school students.

·      The annual programme Chemwonders by the Department of Chemistry is organized to provide a credible and hands on training experience to the teachers and students in using modern laboratory equipment.

·      Zest Expo, an annual science exhibition by the Zoology Students Association, stimulates curiosity with preserved specimens and exhibits in the Laboratory and Museum.

·      The college sets up science laboratories in neighbouring schools.

·      BEEP, initiated by B.Voc Software Development students, improves computer literacy and addresses the problems if any faced by the neighbourhood computer science students.

·      The Computer Foundation Course offered through BEEP aids students who have limited computer access and introduces them to digital learning platforms.

·      Book Donation equips schools with necessary books through college departments and the library.

·      Sky Watch, Bird Watch, Nature Camp, and observance of World Science Day and other events promote scientific culture through seminars, competitions, workshops and also participatory exercises.

·      A training program designed for school teachers to enhance academic exposure as well as the teaching and learning process.

·      Thirayilakam, a unique initiative, involves seminars and panel discussions on science, energy, biodiversity, carbon neutrality, health and artificial intelligence for neighboring schools students and  general public.

Evidence of Success:

Active participation in activities has inspired students to develop a keen interest in basic sciences, motivating them to pursue related careers. The interaction between schools and college has facilitated collaborations between school teachers and science departments for knowledge enhancement and the development of teaching materials. Increased participation in science exhibitions, including 'Shastramela,' along with improved study habits and enhanced performance in basic sciences and informatics, demonstrates the success of these initiatives. The 'BEEP' program has nurtured students, instilling an entrepreneurial spirit and fostering their interest in initiating their own startup programs.

Challenges and Resource Requirements:

Challenges include mobilizing funds for chemicals and laboratory maintenance, securing adequate space, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. The tight schedule of the semester system poses difficulties in finding time for the conduct of such programs. 



Title:  Training in Community Service Inculcating Social Commitment


·       Moulding responsible citizens with social commitment through extension services

·       Societal empowerment through educational support

·       Inculcating spirit of community service and holistic personality development

·       Improving local health status by offering healthcare services and medical camps

·       Societal development by addressing local issues and improving living conditions

The Context

            St. Michael’s College has a vision of social upliftment as well as holistic development of students.The institution always tries to cultivate social responsibility among students reinforcing empathy, compassion and a commitment to civic society. Community service ensures a practical application of knowledge, contributing to personal and professional development of student as well as overall betterment of the society.


Empowerment through Educational Support

o   The Village Adoption Scheme of NSS actively supports rural development by implementing infrastructure initiatives such as constructing homes, village roads and sanitation facilities, awareness campaigns against drugs, HIV AIDS and educational support in adopted village

o   Amidst pandemic, the management and staff donated educational aid, televisions and smart phones to school students.

Holistic Development

o   Participation in diverse community service instils a sense of social commitment among students

o   Women's Cell organizes programs for empowering Self-Help Groups and local women.

o    Social Development Cell provides training and financial assistance to students and local residents from marginalized communities, promoting inclusivity and equal educational opportunities.

o   Job Fairs organized specifically for Kudumbashree, upholding community development initiatives.

Healthcare Services

o   Cleanliness campaigns aligned with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan promotes local hygiene

o   Programmes on blood donation, healthcare, road safety and disaster management contribute to raising benchmarks in related societal data

o   Department of Vocational Studies organizes medical camps and participates in beach cleaning and beautification of public utility spaces

o   During pandemic, the college served as a First Line Treatment Centre (CFLTC)

o   Department of Chemistry manufactured and donated hand sanitizers to local communities and government organizations

o   NSS and NCC donated masks, sanitizers, pulse oximeters and other essential items to the public

Social Development

o   In 2018, the institution participated in flood-relief efforts like establishing a relief camp on campus, engaging in cleaning operations, organizing donation drives

o   Students involvement in Rebuild Kerala operations after 2019 flood

o   NSS and NCC participate regularly in ecosystem restoration initiatives like tree plantation drives, clean-up campaigns and waste management programmes

Responsible Citizen

o   Our commitment to shape responsible citizens finds fruition through participation of our students in the Republic Day parade and absorption to the defence forces.

Evidence of Success

o   Improved life quality of the locality is proof to the positive impact of our community service. Relief activities during floods and pandemic serve as a testament of our societal commitment. Sincere community engagement resulted in the holistic development of students and gaining awards at both university and state levels.


Problems Encountered

  • Limited financial resources impacting scale and scope of initiatives
  • Logistics and coordination difficulties
  • Balancing academic commitments with community service demands

The Ceaseless Ascent

The cherished dream of an enlightened society ideally depends on quality education. Driven and inspired by this proven fact, the community of the Diocese of Alleppey made its resolute entry into the field of higher education.

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