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The Department of Chemistry had its origin with St. Michael's College in 1967 when it was initiated as a Junior College comprising of only Pre - degree courses. In 1980, the Department became independent with the new course in B.Sc. Chemistry main with subsidiaries Physics and Mathematics. To keep pace with the emerging technologies and dynamic changes in the scientific world, and to deliver quality education and job opportunities to the youth of our society, M.Sc. Polymer Chemistry was started in July 2002. Because of the concerted demand from the students and other stakeholders M.Sc. Polymer Chemistry was changed to M.Sc. Chemistry in 2017. The year 2022 unfurled with an auspicious breakthrough, the Department of Chemistry comes to be recognized as an approved Research Centre under the University of Kerala. It is noteworthy that the Department of Chemistry is the first Research Department in the history of St. Michael’s College. Now the Department offers two courses B.Sc. Chemistry and M.Sc. Chemistry and is also actively involved in Research.

Quality education can be provided with an efficient blending of excellent research and teaching learning process. Our department have distinguished researchers and excellent educators and we use the modern and best teaching methods for our students. Research is an essential component for a good Chemistry Department. The thrust area of research of Department of Chemistry includes Materials Science, Organic Electronics, Alternate Renewable Energy, Photochemistry, Nanomaterials and Electrochemical Sensors. The research activities of the Department are highly active with sole aim of upgrading the Department to a Research Department in near future. At present three of our faculty members are approved Research Guides of University of Kerala. Also three research scholars are working in the department for the Ph.D programme. The research programme of the Department is financially supported by University Grants Commission (UGC) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) in the form of Major and Minor Research Projects. In 2015, Department received the prestigious DST-FIST grant and with this the research facilities are improved tremendously. The Department has also signed MoUs with various colleges and reputed research centres in Kerala to strengthen the research activities. The Department organises National and International conferences regularly to provide an International exposure for our students. It is noteworthy that the students of our Department are qualifying various National Eligibility Tests such as JAM, CSIR and GATE examinations and pursuing their higher studies in various reputed research institutes in India and abroad. In 2018 the Department started functioning completely with Green Energy. Department of Chemistry is the first fully Solar Educational Department in the College, totally devoted for the promotion of renewable energy

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The cherished dream of an enlightened society ideally depends on quality education. Driven and inspired by this proven fact, the community of the Diocese of Alleppey made its resolute entry into the field of higher education.

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