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St. Michael’s College established in 1967 as a junior college marked a pronounced shift in its educational responsibility by introducing the first degree department in 1976. As the pioneering department, the Department of Zoology under the eminent Head of the Department, Prof. K.V. Ummachan bated its way through hurdles to become a paradigm for the departments to come. Besides inculcating the treasured human values and discipline it takes upon itself the cardinal responsibility of transforming a student of zoology into a lover of fauna and nature. Together with Prof. K.V. Ummachan, Prof. P.J. Jose, who later became the Principal in 2000 constituted the faculty in the beginning. The B.Sc. in Zoology with Botany and Chemistry as subsidiaries offered by the department in the annual scheme was later shifted to CBCSS scheme since 2010. Under the CBCSS scheme the department offers an open course ‘Human diseases and their management’ for the students from other subjects to opt in their fifth semester of degree. Similarly the department also has chosen the course ‘Economic Zoology- Vermiculture and apiculture’ as the CBCS elective course in the VI semester for the Zoology students.

With the built up area of 4000 sq. feet the department has arranged state-of-the-art facilities for the study of zoology including a museum with rare specimens, vivarium, exotic collection of zoological curiosities and a Physiological Lab fully equipped to meet the needs of the students. In addition to the UG labs, museum, Nature Club garden, Aquaculture pond, Vermicomposting units the facilities of the department further expanded with setting-up of an Instrumentation Facility with the financial support from DST-FIST and UGC (minor research projects) in 2015, with an intention to upgrade the department to Post Graduate level and also for research. The cooperation and dedication of staff of the department, since its inception the department of Zoology maintain its quality with excellent academic results. Besides offering B.Sc. Degree Programme in Zoology and an array of services, it opens avenues of job-oriented courses like environment biology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics before the young aspirants. Faculty of the department takes special initiatives to inculcate human values in the students and motivate them to take part in all extracurricular and co-curricular activities, so that students of the department high as a disciplined well behaved and vibrant group in the college. The department carry out research activities in thrust areas like biodiversity, ecosystem management and fisheries and also tap external funds from national and state governments for the conduct of research. The department also engaged in out-reach activities and service for the development of the society through the dissemination of knowledge.

Successors of the department

Prof. Ummachan K.V, an eminent personality by all means, was the inductee of the Zoology Department in St. Michael’s College. He started his distinguished career in 1967, along with the inception of the college. His service period, as faculty member and HOD of Zoology Department ranged from 1967 – 1996. His enterprising efforts paved the corner stone to the Department’s illustrious growth. Prof. P. J. Jose, the contemporary of Prof. Ummachan K.V. has contributed immensely to format the Zoology Department to its present state of affairs. His association with the college as faculty and HOD of the Zoology Department, attained a higher pedestal, when he was conferred with the position of, Principal of the College. He retired in 2001 after a service period of 33 years. Prof. Margaret Isaac, who joined service in the Department in 1978, became the first Lady HOD of the Department, in the Millennium year. She guided the Department, to anchor on stability, until she retired in the year 2010. The Headship of the Department was then assigned to another eminent lady, Prof. Gricy Peter, the very same year. Her service period with the department ranged from 1979 – 2012. Partaking in the legacy of the Department, she strove to keep the department innovative and resourceful. Prof. Pious Mathai, a remarkable personality, served as a stalwart, proclaiming his proficiency in teaching and designing the overall development of the Department and College, from the year 1981 when he started his career until he retired in the year 2011. On retirement of Prof. Gricy Peter in 2012, Prof. Annie Jose K has been vested with the responsibility of the headship of the department. Her capacities, both in teaching and administration has convened a dual responsibility on her, namely the position of HOD, as well as that of the Vice-Principal of the College. She retired in 2020 after 29 years of selfless service in the department. Since her retirement, during the period of ‘Covid 19’ pandemic, Dr. Antony P.J., who joined service in the department in 2012, became the HOD. Fr. Lonachan W. Arouje, another faculty member of the Department joined service in the year 1978 and resigned in the year 1989. Dr. Cyril Johnson, had a brief stint of association with the Department. He joined service in the year 1980, and very soon moved to another college in 1982.


Holistic development of the students in an eco-friendly way


Department aims at the overall development and moulding of students in various areas viz. education, health, social life, values, conservation of nature etc. through curricular and co-curricular activities.

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