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College Union Report 2022-2023

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The college union is a body of college students that is elected to encourage the use of democracy and leadership. The activities of the college union give students the chance to develop their ability to work with others in areas of personal and academic interest as well as in areas of service to other people. The college union is comprised of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, General Secretary, Arts Club Secretary, Sports Secretary, Magazine Editor, two University Union Councillors, three Undergraduate representatives, and two Postgraduate representatives and two Lady Representatives. The union is operating by staff advisors that the principal appoints, and it is supervised by them.
Each department at the college has sectional associations as well. By planning events and competitions, the college student’s council, or more commonly known as the Union, brings out the best in the students. At the conclusion of the academic year, the top best department is announced based on the performance in cultural and sports events. The term of the union is typically one year beginning on the day the union takes office and ending on the day of the union elections for the following year.

Pratheesh. P
Staff Advisor


  1. The council's mission is to support students in meaningful endeavours outside of the college's co-curricular programme and to offer chances for developing into responsible citizens. The council will make an effort to accomplish this goal through worthwhile programmes.
  2. To encourage students' opportunities for character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge, and a spirit of service development.
  3. To promote artistic endeavors as well as other cultural, academic, and leisure activities among students.
  4. To contribute to the overall well-being of the student community.
  5. To recognise students' talents and help them to grow in the right direction so they can later represent the college at events.
  6. To cultivate in students a sense of democracy and leadership skills in order to shape them into accountable citizens of the nation

College Union Election 2022-2023

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Elected College Union 2022-2023 St. Michael’s College, Cherthala

Staff Advisor Pratheesh. P, Assistant Professor, Department of History, St. Michael’s College Cherthala
Chairman Anandhu Sukesan, II year B. Com
Vice-Chairperson Athulya Sivadasan, II year, B. Sc Physics
General Secretary Indrajith N A, I B. Voc Tourism and Hospitality Management
UUC’s Arjun. C. V, II year B. Sc Chemistry
Josemon A B, II year BBA Logistics
Student Editor Nandana T S, II year B Sc Physics
Art Secretary Sonu S R, I year B Com
Sports Secretary Sruthimol. S, II BBA Logistics
Lady Representatives Nandana. S, I BBA Logistics
Ashrin Jackson, II B Com
I DC Representative Anakha Maheedharan, I B Sc Chemistry
II DC Representative Anaswara Anilkumar, II B Sc Chemistry
III DC Representative Amal Xavier, III B Sc Physics
I PG Representative Nayana Yohannan, I M Com
II PG Representative Ayana B, II M Com
Staff Editor Dr. Seena Kurian, Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi


Oath Taking Ceremony

An oath or affirmation that a person takes before taking on the responsibilities of the College Union is observed by St. Michael's College as part of an oath-taking ceremony for College Union office bearers. This role typically involves educating students about democracy and encouraging them to feel a sense of civic and leadership responsibility. The oath-taking ceremony for this year was held on December 13, 2022, at 10 am in the college's outdoor auditorium. In a brief but beautiful ceremony, the college's representatives from the college union swear an oath in front of Principal Dr. Sindhu S Nair.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fever

To honour the successful conduct of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and Lionel Messi's Argentina victory, College Union organised a celebration on December 19th, 2022, inside the campus. All football fans were ecstatic, yelling the names of their favourite football heroes, blowing trumpets and horns, dancing and celebrating their team's World Cup performance. The event boosted team spirit among St. Michael's college students and created an atmosphere of fervour and excitement. The celebration saw a memorable time and burst into flames of excitement and friendship

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a joyous occasion for exchanging holiday greetings, exchanging gifts, and bringing families together. The College Union organised this year's Christmas celebration on the college campus on December 22, 2022. As part of the festivities, the college choir performed a rhythmic performance, and Santa Claus added a surprise gift. Cultural events centred on Santa Claus, Christmas carols, Christmas cribs, and Christmas stars are available for students to compete in. The day concluded with a Christmas message from the Chairman of the College Union, and the staff and students were enthralled by the Christmas joy.

The Inaugural Function of College Union

'Jwala' - Flames of Youth - was the name given to the college union. The inaugural ceremony took place on January 24, 2023, at the college's Open Air Auditorium. The main guests of the day were Adv. A M Arif, the Honourable Member of Parliament from Alappuzha, and Malayalam Filim Actor Sri. Minon John. Sr i. Minon John inaugurated the arts club at the same event, and Sri. A M Arif inaugurated the College Union. Anadhu Sukesan, Chairman of the College presided over the function and Manager Rev. Fr. Nelson Thaiparambil and Principal Dr. Sindhu S Nair were present. The General Secretary, Sri. Indrajith, proposed a vote of thanks. Students' dance and music performances brought life and colour to the event.

Sports Week

The College Union hosted a sports week from February 20–24, 2023. All of the students and faculty members were present as inter-departmental games events were launched by our principal, Dr. Sindhu S. Nair. Students were encouraged to participate in sports and competitions by the principal. Track and field competitions for both students and teachers are held after it. All of the undergraduates and postgraduate students, and faculty participated in a variety of sporting events, including cricket, volleyball, football, athletics, table tennis, carom, chess, and kho-kho. Overall, the week-long event was a huge success thanks to everyone's overwhelming enthusiasm and maximum participation.

Arts Festival

On March 28, 2023, the College Auditorium hosted an Arts Festival organised by the College Union. Mr. Anadhu Sukesan, the Chairman of the College Union, presided over the opening session. Dr. Sindhu S. Nair, the principal, officially opened the event. Mr. Sonu S. R., the arts club secretary, then gave a welcome speech. The general secretary, Mr. Indrajith, offered a vote of thanks. Following the inauguration ceremony, a number of cultural contests were held under the auspices of the arts club. The winners who gave outstanding performances were chosen to take part in the University Arts Festival in May 2023.

College Day Celebration

The college open auditorium hosted the celebration of College Day for the academic year 2022–2023 on March 30, 2023, at 10 AM. Respected Principal Dr. Sindhu S Nair welcomed the crowd while Mr. Anadhu Sukesan, the chairman of the college union, presided over the event. Fr. Nelson Thaiparmabil, college manager, gave the benediction. The day's main guest was the artist Jithesh G. The annual report highlighting the accomplishments and cocurricular, extracurricular, and academic achievements of the faculty, students, and staff for the academic year 2012–2013 was delivered by Mr. Indrajith, general secretary. The Chief Guest gave the winners of the Sports and Arts Festival prizes for both group and individual competitions. Following that, our students presented an amazing cultural programme.

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