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Management Studies


Department of Management Studies

The Department of Management Studies of St. Michael’s College was started in the year 2020 with a strength of 49 Students. The starting of BBA course in 2020 was the landmark in the trajectory of the department. The college was sanctioned with BBA Logistics Programme, which focuses on exploring opportunities for the students in the mounting field of logistics in the industrial sector. A Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics (BBA-Logistics) is a bachelor's degree that helps you establish a fundamental understanding of business and how various aspects of it apply to the real world. The increase in imports and exports has created a rising demand in the need for effective and highly efficient logistic systems which can allow the suitable forms of acquiring and supply goods and services. This course provides the students an ability to understand the various aspects of Customer Service Management, Fulfilment Supervision, Supply Chain Analysis, Transportation, Warehousing Operations, Shipping, Exports and Imports, Purchasing, Supply Chain Softwares, International Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The program has become instrumental for businesses and firms which seek to acquire raw materials, manufacturing and distribution of final goods and services to the end consumers. The main objective of Logistics managers has been to be able to identify the specific unique elements of various forms of merchandise and prescribe from their expert opinion the most relevant and suitable forms of supply chains which can best satisfy the requirements of the product line. The Faculty of Management through its teaching and learning process seeks to impart within the students the most relevant practical knowledge through various collaborations with industries coupled with real-time case studies. Students who pursue this program will get a step in the knowledge and understanding of the fundamental elements of Logistics management.

Why Study BBA Logistics?

Logistics & Supply Chain Management professionals are high in demand in various organizations at national as well as international levels. Logistics & Supply Chain Management are the necessary terms of company success and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, graduates of this program will develop a unique ability to interact with the industry and provide the most comprehensive solutions to the scope of the industry.

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