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Add-on Course


Add-on Cell

St. Michael’s College, Cherthala


Add-on courses in colleges serve as supplementary educational programs that provide students with the opportunity to acquire additional skills and knowledge beyond their primary field of study. These courses are designed to enhance a student's academic portfolio, improve employability, and foster personal growth. St. Michael’s Colleges offer these courses alongside regular degree programs, allowing students to explore interdisciplinary areas, new technologies, languages, and more, without the commitment of a full degree program.



The objective of add-on programs is to introduce career and market-oriented, skill-enhancing add-on courses that have utility for the job, self-employment, and empowerment of the students.


Nature of Add-On Courses

v  Short Duration: Add-on courses are generally for 30 Hours.

v  Flexible Learning: All courses often feature flexible schedules or online learning options to accommodate students' existing academic commitments.

v  Practical Focus: Many add-on courses emphasize practical skills and hands-on learning experiences relevant to industry needs.


Benefits of Add-On Courses

v  Skill Enhancement: students are provided with the opportunity to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones, making them more competitive in the job market.

v  Career Advancement: By gaining additional qualifications and competencies, students can open doors to new career paths and advancement opportunities.

v  Personal Development: These courses allow students to explore areas of personal interest, fostering lifelong learning and personal growth.

v  Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in add-on courses can help students expand their professional and academic networks.

Activity Report

Sl. No. Department Name of Add on /Certificate /Value added programs offered Course Code
1 Hindi Hindi Grammar and Translation HN 258
2 Software Development Data Structures  SD 362
3 English Essentials of English Language Fluency CEN2003
Sl. No. Department Name of Add on /Certificate /Value added programs offered Course Code
1 Commerce Basic Corporate Accountant Program CO 107
2 Physics Robotics PY 092
3 Software Development Basics of AI SD 318
4 Tourism Studies Customer Service Management TM 308
5 Mathematics Introduction to Mathematical thinking MM 086
6 English Remedial Grammar and Public Speaking CEN1902
7 English Business Benchmark EN 224
8 Chemistry Green Chemistry and Environmental Sustainability CH 090
Sl. No. Department Name of Add on /Certificate /Value added programs offered Course Code
1 Commerce Diploma in Goods & Services Tax Practices (DGSTP) & Tally CO 103
2 Zoology Vermi Technology ZO 098
3 Chemistry Polymer Technology CH 087
4 Physics Materials science PY 089
5 Software Development Android Development SD 303
6 Tourism Studies Customer Service Executive TM 321
7 Hindi Hindi Language and Communication HN 254
8 Mathematics Basic Mathematics MM 085
9 English Basics of Business Communication CEN1801

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