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FYUGP Brochure

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Prevention of Cast Discrimination

Committee for prevention of caste discrimination

As per the directions from UGC, the college has formed a committee for prevention of caste discrimination in the college campus. The committee will be chaired by the principal and the following staff as members

  • Convener: Smt. Seena Elizabeth George, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • Members: Ms. Betty Merin Eapen, Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • Ms. Cinderella Treasa D., Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
  • Smt. Priya Antony, Office Superintendent.

Functions of the committee

  • Desisting from any act of discrimination against SC/ST students on grounds of their social origin by the Officials/faculty members
  • Ensure that no official/faculty members indulge in any kind of discrimination against any community or category of students.
  • Look into the discrimination complaints received from the SC/ST/0BC Students/Teachers and non-teaching staff.
  • Providing a platform for any individual who witnesses or becomes aware of caste-based discrimination at the College is urged to promptly report it to the authorities. Students are encouraged to submit their grievances in writing or using the designated format available in the administrative department's office.
Click here to lodge a complaint against caste-based discrimination

The Ceaseless Ascent

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