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Add-On Programme


Add-on Courses aim to provide the students with seminal employment skills in addition to their regular Degree Programme. The course syllabi are designed to equip the students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The additional certification broadens the career prospects of the students. All core departments of St. Michael’s College offer Add on courses and two complementary departments offer certificate courses. Add-on courses are viz. Food Science and Quality Control (Chemistry), Certified Insurance Advisor and Risk Analyst (CIARA)(Commerce & Management), Diploma in Port Operations and Management ( DPOM)( Commerce & Management), Statistical Data Analysis Using Software Packages(Economics), Guidance Counselling and Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships(English), Basics of C Programming(Physics), Python(Software), Customer Service Skills(Tourism) and Techniques in Coastal Aquaculture(Zoology). The Department of History offers Introduction to Indian Constitution and the Department of Malayalam offers Madhyama Malayalam as certificate course. Add-on courses are mandatory for third-year degree students, while first-year and second-year degree students may choose from the certificate courses.

Proposals were invited from all the departments (both Core & Complementary) to offer Add-On Courses for students . The proposals in the following format is highly appreciated as it will help the committee to evaluate and approve the same at the earliest.

  • Name of the Course and Offering Department (with Associating Department)
  • Program Objective
  • Admission Eligibility
  • Nature of Program such as Certificate Program/Diploma/ Advanced Diploma etc.
  • Duration of Program
  • Program Fees
  • Attendance Rules
  • Evaluation Process & Criteria
  • Course Structure
  • Course Objective
  • Course Names with detailed Syllabus of Courses and References.
  • Expected Outcome from each Course


  • All proposals received in the prescribed application form will be discussed by an Expert Committee constituted by the College Council, in an Interface meeting, with representatives of respective departments and make recommendations about the subject/course to be allotted.
  • Selected Departments should prepare a prospectus informing the students of the nature and scope of the subject, an outline of the syllabus, minimum conditions which students must fulfill, time schedule, nature of project and field work/laboratory/training experiences to be imparted.
  • Attendance statement along with photos of various sessions with a report should be handed over to Add on Course Cell immediately after the completion of the program


  • There will be two types of programs offered under the Add on Cell. Add on courses which are offered by the core departments and Certificate programs which are offered by the Complimentary departments.
  • No money will be collected from students as admission/ enrolment fee.
  • Add on course offered by core department is mandatory for all the final year degree students.
  • The classes for add on programs may be conducted on working days, after the regular college hours and on Saturdays in offline mode only.
  • All the add on course must have a uniform work load of 30 hrs duration with Zero Credits.
  • The course duration will be from October 2022 to February 2023.
  • The attendance for each session is compulsory for the students. The course in charge is directed to maintain a separate attendance register exclusively for add on courses.
  • A copy of all the documents such as approved syllabus, class schedules, attendance, Internal marks, model question papers etc should be submitted to the Add on course cell on time.
  • There will be an examination fees of Rs:50/- per student levied to meet the Term End Examination contingencies of add-on programs. If any balance remaining in the collected amount, the same will be used according to the decision and directions of the college council.
  • The exam fees will be collected by the respective departments and has to be transferred to the Add on cell in January 2023.
  • The Term End Evaluation process of add on programs will be conducted centrally by the Add on Cell.
  • Certificate programs offered by the complimentary departments are open for all the first and second-year degree students. Students are free to join for the certificate programs at their own will.
  • All the other rules and regulations framed for add on courses are also applicable to the Certificate Programs.
  • A Department Level Program Coordinator shall be appointed by Head of the department and may be intimated to the Add on Cell by 16th August 2022.
  • The Add on cell will ensure that all the add on programs are conducted in a systematic and appropriate manner.



Assistant Professor in Commerce

Deputy Coordinator

Dr.Smisha M.A

Assistant Professor in Mathematics

Deputy Coordinator

Ms Betty Merin Eapen

Assistant Professor in English

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